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What is songwriting? This is a session where artist come to consult our songwriters and work together with them to create the ideal feel and lyrics to your song.  Book a Session
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Custom Beat

What is a Custom Beat? This is a session in which studio producers create your ideal beat. You can come with your own inspiration that the producer can further build on or you can collaborate with the producers from scratch and manifest a whole new vibe. Book a Session
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Recording Session

What is a recording session? Recording sessions gives musicians the liberty to create at their full capacity. From bands and drums to choirs and ensembles, musicians can track life or work on overdubs. We also offer a vocal booth that is perfect for tracking individual instruments or recording vocals on your backing tracks. This is when you don’t need a massive room, but you need a quality recording.   Book a Session
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Sound Mixing

What is Sound Mixing? Mixing is an essential element of the magic in your recording.  We make sure to edit, tune, balance, adding the perfect dose of effects to create your “sound”.  Our typical project starts with recording in the studio, then we produce a stunning mix. We mix in every style/genre and love to go the extra mile to make your music unique to you.  Book a Session
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Track Mastering

Music and Recording When mixing is finished, that’s the time to shift gears into mastering — the final process that your music undergoes before distribution. Its primary aim is to polish your mix to its finest presentation and prepare it for distribution on CD, vinyl, or the internet. Basically, mastering makes your mixes wider, louder, clearer, punchier, and sound good on all systems. It's a process where we take the stereo mix and apply additional EQ, Compression, Widening algorithms, and any other enhancing/corrective measures that we need to use to get the mix to knock even more than the final mix does. Book a Session
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