When doing a feature only the artist booking a session must pay.

Kaba studio is a positive space for creativity and productivity however to maximize productivity we only allow up to two additional people in the studio.

Before a session, it is advised to bring your lyrics, any instrument if needed, and a USB key with your selected beat on it.

We do not do refunds, If you are unable to make it to your appointment call 2hrs prior to reschedule or the time slot will be lost.

In most cases, you can bring any file format, but it is preferable to work in .wav or .mp3

This is a period of time devoted to recording music in a studio.

The length of a recording session depends on the type of session you booked. We have up to 2h sessions available

Its primary aim is to polish your mix to its finest presentation and prepare it for distribution on CD, vinyl, or the internet. Basically, mastering makes your mixes wider, louder, clearer, punchier, and sound good on all systems. It’s a process where we take the stereo mix and apply additional EQ, Compression, Widening algorithms, and any other enhancing/corrective measures that we need to use to get the mix to knock even more than the final mix does.

Mixing is an essential element of the magic in your recording. We make sure to edit, tune, balance, adding the perfect dose of effects to create your “sound”. Our typical project starts with recording in the studio, then we produce a stunning mix. We mix in every style/genre and love to go the extra mile to make your music unique to you.

We have production sessions This is a session in which studio producers create your ideal beat. You can come with your own inspiration that the producer can further build on or you can collaborate with the producers from scratch and manifest a whole new vibe.

For an individual or Individuals coming for a vocal session, no equipment is required the studio provides all the equipment necessary. For bands is highly recommended you come with your own instruments and gear.

Our opening hours are weekdays  from 10h - 18h.

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